Hi, Im joe (A.K.A JOEY HOOPZ). This is my blog. Im going to write about what ever I feel like. It could be literally anything. Kinda suprised you are still reading this. how's your day going? good? hope so. You can (probably) find out how mine is going by reading this blog. So go on... check it out.
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MAGfest 2014 is now done. As expected, I left wondering “…What?”. It was a great time with many laughs, and a lot of insanity. Having Played, Partied, and Windjammed all weekend I was able to start 2014 with a bang. Not all of MAGfest was great. It certainly had it’s ups and downs… literally, I went up and down elevators and stairs all weekend. But I managed to have fun nonetheless. I have a lot of I want to do this year, but I won’t bother you with that now. Right now just know that MAGfest 12 was awesome, and you should prepare for MAGfest 13 next year!